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Did you know? Facts about hair

There is no way to repair split ends aside from trimming them.

Hair is one of the most common types of forensic evidence.

Gender is the only thing that can not be identified by a hair strand.

Hair can cover the whole body however you will never find hair on soles of the feet, palms of the hands and lips.

Hair is one of the fastest growing tissue in the body.

Humans lose 60-100 hair strands per day.

Hollywood Hair Creative Flare

Hair Salons in Brampton

Brampton | Hairdressers | Hair Salons2 Philosopher Trail, Brampton, Ont. L6S 4C9 905-790-6775

Hollywood Hair Creative Flare

Hollywood Hair Creative Flare

Brampton | Hairdressers | Hair Salons
2 Philosophers Trail, Brampton, Ont. L6S 4C9