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Instant Hairstyle Renewal

Brampton Hair Salons

For a split-second style refresher use KMS Makeover Spray. It absorbs oil and builds bulk to refresh limp or day-old styles. Great for quick style touch-ups and in-between shampoos.

Don't forget to pack your KMS Hair Play makeover spray in your gym bag for anywhere, anytime freshness.

WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT IT? • Dry Cleansing and style renewal • Absorbs oils to refresh limp or day-old styles • Great for quick style touch-ups and in-between shampoos HOW DO I USE IT? Shake well. Spray 4-6" from roots and work through to absorb oil. Layer through mid-lengths and ends to add bulk for a finished style. WHAT’S IN IT? INNOVATIVE shaping blend • Rice powder – provides texture and oil absorption • Special propellant system – micro-fine distribution of rice powder

For more information, or to purchase this product be sure to visit our Brampton Hair Salon.


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