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Hair that best suits you!

Does your stylist suggest new styles or looks, or do they do the same thing every time you go in? Do they tell you what's new? Do they talk to you about highlights, a different color or even a different haircut or style? Are you stuck in your comfort zone with the same hairstyle as last year?

The stylist at Hollywood Hair Creative Flare do their best to personalize every cut, colour, and style to suit your look, lifestyle, and personality. Come see us and we'll discuss a new look that best suits you!!!!

Hollywood Hair Creative Flare

Hair Salons Brampton

Brampton | Hairdressers | Hair Salons

2 Philosopher Trail, Brampton, Ont.
L6S 4C9

Hollywood Hair Creative Flare

Brampton | Hairdressers | Hair Salons
2 Philosophers Trail, Brampton, Ont. L6S 4C9 
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