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Protect your Kids Against Head Lice - Brampton Hair Salon

As school is well on it’s way one of the concerns parents have is head lice. Starting to think about preventing head lice saves time and headaches. A helpful tool that helps to prevent head lice is tee tree oil.

Besides the basics of teaching kids not to share hats and brushes to prevent head lice, be sure to put a few drops of tee tree oil in your child’s shampoo and shampoo their hair with it (don’t forget to still condition the hair). Since behind the ears or at the nape of the head is where head lice usually starts, dab a little tee tree oil on your finger and apply it to this area. Head lice are not attracted to tee tree oil.

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2 Philosopher Trail, Brampton, Ont. L6S 4C9


Hollywood Hair Creative Flare

Brampton | Hairdressers | Hair Salons
2 Philosophers Trail, Brampton, Ont. L6S 4C9 
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