Humidity And Your Hair

Do you spend hours styling your hair only to have it frizz up with this humid weather?

When it's humid outside it means there is moisture in the air. The moisture in the air enters the hair molecules and break the hydrogen bonds, causing it to swell, becoming wavy, curly and frizzy.

Regardless of your hair type, when there is humidity in the air, frizz happens and your natural waves come out. One product you can use is KMS Anti-Humidity Seal. It's the perfect solution for your hair in humid weather.

KMS Anti-Humidity Seal is a 24-hour weatherproofing for finished looks. A humidity-blocking formula that shields hair from frizz and provides a shiny, weightless finish and heat protection.

HOW TO USE: Shake. Spray 10-12″ (25-30 cm) from dry hair to seal in finished style.

Pick one up at our Brampton Hair Salon today or ask about our other salon style products that can fight humidity. 

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