BEST PRODUCTS  FOR YOUR HAIR Part Three - Hair Straightening System

Which Straightening System is Best for Your Hair?

With so many hair straightening systems out on the market it’s no wonder people are confused on which one is best to use for their hair. Hair smoothing is a process that helps smooth out the frizz in someone’s hair. It does not straighten the curl although because the frizz is toned down, It will make the hair appear less full and give the illusion that it is 30 to 35% straighter. A hair straightener will actually straighten the curl 75 to 85% the first time.

There are a few on the market that claim to straighten the hair 100%. At Hollywood Hair Creative Flare we use a fabulous product that is 100% vegan all natural no harsh chemicals, no thioglycolates, no sodium hydroxide, no guanidine hydroxide, no formaldehyde or aldehydes. Safe for use over colour, highlights and perms. Once again vegan and all-natural, come in and ask us about it!!!

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