Questions and Answers About Hair

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Questions and Answers About Hair

Does taking steroids cause hair loss?

YES …. Anabolic steroids are strong chemicals that have tremendous side effects including accelerating hair loss. Sometimes this side effect is delayed by several years.

Do split ends travel?

YES …. If the hair is not tended to or trimmed regularly split ends can travel up the hair to the roots. in some cases even split ends split multiple times.

Does wearing a hat cause hair loss?

NO … Contrary to popular belief, wearing hats does not cause hair loss.

Can smoking cause grey hair?

YES … Smokers are four times more likely to have grey hair than none smokers. Smoking has also been linked to hair loss.

Stress can cause hair loss?

YES … A great amount of stress can cause temporary hair loss (alopecia areata) however the scalp usually recovers and hair grows back.

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